Yesterday I set a personal record by using Uber twice in one day.  First – to get a ride to SFO from San Francisco and second to get to a party across town in Denver.  For those of you who have never tried Uber – try it, it’s an awesome service.  Yes it is usually more expensive than a Taxi but you get superior service.  I like knowing for sure that a car is coming, where it is, and how long it will take to arrive.  I also really like not having to worry about paying once the ride is complete – it’s all done automagically.  

One famous VC describes services like Uber as being part of your “smartphone remote control for real life”.  The internet / smartphone used to only really apply to non-physical interactions like checking email, texting, or phone calls but more and more the smart phone is becoming a remote control for our real lives – need a car? Done.  Make a reservation? Click.  Buy movie tickets?… you get the idea.  I think it’s a really elegant way to think about the convergence of smartphones and literally everything else that goes on in our lives.


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