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Just to prove that no technology is immune from disruption one of the oldest technologies in the book is being disrupted: the act of reading. (Pun intended).  Reading is so old and so fundamental it’s awkward to think of reading as a form of technology.  Perhaps there’s a better term for it?  I digress.

Not many people will tell you that reading is a waste of time but the folks at Spritz might.  According to the company, “when reading, only around 20% of your time is spent processing content. The remaining 80% is spent physically moving your eyes from word to word”.  Spritz has found a way to avoid all that wasted time.

Spritz’s technology streams words at a customizable rate ranging from 250 to 1,000 words per minute.  Instead of reading, you’re “spritzing”.  Take a look at the example below – it’s streaming 500 words per minute.


I’m pretty sure this is the last stop before they can just mainline knowledge right to your brain (a la Matrix).

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Found via FastCompany