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In today’s financial world, the line between investing and speculation are often blurred. What is the real distinction between the two? Jason Zweig endeavors to answer that on The Wall Street Journal’s Total Return blog.

“As Josh Brown at the Reformed Broker pointed out earlier this week, nearly all commentary about the financial markets is tailored to speculators, not investors,” Zweig writes. “That can contaminate the mind of even the most intelligent investor with speculative thinking. How can you keep your head clear?”

Zweig notes that up until the 20th century (and for a good chunk of that century), all stocks were considered speculative. Bonds were considered investments, because they guaranteed a return of capital. The late, great Benjamin Graham helped change that. “He wanted people to see things differently,” Zweig writes. “Graham insisted that stocks could be investments and bonds could be speculations – all dependent on the…

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Today the Dow has hit a record high.  Yes, thanks in part to Ben Bernanke and the Fed’s zero interest rate policy (ZIRP), the Dow is back to setting record highs.

 2-28-2013 12-26-39 PM

Now, the million dollar questions is “what part of the cycle are we in?”.  Are you a buyer or a seller?


This video does not required much commentary.  Plastic is a wonderful material but it shouldn’t be ending up anywhere but the recycling facility.  Our oceans are full of it.  I believe it was Paul Hawken in The Ecology of Commerce who questioned why we use a packaging material that takes 300 years to decompose for a product that sits on the shelf for 3 weeks and is consumed in 3 days?  The answer is because its cheap – but is it really?  When you factor in the costs that are currently “externalized” (e.g. polluting our oceans) it doesn’t seem so cheap.

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A little surprised to see only 10% of Yelp’s users are accessing via mobile.  Actually really surprised especially considering how awesome the Yelp monocle is.  Skype also seems a bit low to me but I guess if you’ve got a mobile phone you’ll just use the embedded phone functionality (unless like me you have AT&T and routinely have to use skype + wifi to make calls).


Found via Cool Infographics 

This looks like a pretty awesome service.  I would love to have digital copies of my snailmail and not have to deal with all the crap.

They’re just kicking off their national roll out starting in San Francisco.  Check ’em out.