Crunch Analytics

If you do anything remotely related to startups you’ve probably used CrunchBase at least once or twice.  It is an awesome platform with a ton of great data.

It appears the folks at big data analytics company SiSense has utilized CrunchBase’s API to create some pretty sweet visualizations.  Check ’em out.


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  1. thelifeofbrigham said:

    Reblogged this on Brigham on project 2100 and commented:
    This is a nice infographic – simple and attractive. Because our brains are visual, the graph immediately shows us a correlation between two factors and a variable. This is the main piece of information that the graphic wants to get across. There are also extra pieces of data and a small horizontal bar chart. The visual size of the different pieces of information is a good example of hierarchy – the most important, visual information is biggest.

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