Green Acres Is The Place To Be

For those of you who don’t stay up to date on Ag related investing, farmland has been absolutely killing it:

There are a few structural drivers behind this and it’s expected they’ll remain strong tailwinds for the asset class:

  • Global Population continues to increase – more mouths to feed (increasing demand)
  • Maxed out Crop Yields – for a long time the amount of crops we were able to grow per acre of land increased with population growth – we became expert farmers and were able to squeeze more and more out of the land (see chart below – this also explains why everything you eat today is made from corn) that increase in yield is starting to stall (squeezing supply)
  • Reduction in arable land due to development (squeezing supply)

So how do you get on the Farmland gravy train?  Besides buying a farm outright you can invest through the new platform Fquare.  It appears to be a crowdfunding platform designed to give accredited investors diversified exposure to US farmland.  Unfortunately their website falls well short of answering even the most basic questions of how the platform works.

I don’t know enough about Fquare to endorse it or not – I only mention it here because (1) it appears to be a cool confluence of agriculture and technology, and (2) I haven’t posted anything about Ag investing until now.


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