Every Drop Counts

A very sobering infographic carrying a lot of information.  Can you imagine if you had to carry all the water you used?  Also, the cost of providing global access to safe water is only $30 billion?

I know, that is a large huge number but when you put it in the context of the things our government wastes money on, it could easily fit in.  When you consider the Iraq war cost us between $3.2-$4 trillion it really puts this number in perspective – we could have provided safe drinking water to everyone on earth 106 times over for that cost – or completed the project one time for what about one month in Iraq cost us.  Now that would win some hearts and minds.  I digress.

SO – if you’re fortunate enough to be Water Rich try to take shorter showers, fix your leaky faucets, and don’t over-water your lawn.  The more you save, the cheaper your beer will be.

Infographic Water Rich Vs PoorSource: Seametrics

Found via Coolinfographics



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