Little Joy

Check out the band Little Joy – they have a self titled album that came out in 2008.  Not sure how I missed them but it seems like everybody else did too.  The band is sometimes referred to as a “super group” which might be a stretch because you’ve maybe heard of one of the members: Fabrizio Moretti (aka Fab, the drummer for The Strokes).  Apparently one of the other members is really big in Brazil?  Anyway, if you want to read more about them here’s their Wikipedia page.

Below are some of their YouTube videos and at the bottom is a link to Grooveshark, where you can listen to their whole album online for free.  It’s one of those rare albums where you’re just as happy listening through the whole thing as you are hopping around to your favorite tracks.  Enjoy.

(side note: if you’re a devout hipster, this is where you go when you die)

(Yes, that’s Nick Valensi on drums)


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