Silicon Valley Has A New Bully

If you spend much time in Silicon Valley you’d have to go pretty far out of your way to avoid the constant tech-love-fest that is taking place here.  After all, there is A LOT of hype and nonsense attracting A LOT of money (see Hardly Working Startup Guys clip below for a fairly accurate portrayal or just spend 20 minutes reading the headlines at TechCrunch).

Every now and then it’s good to take a step back, catch your breath, and just admire the mania.  One blog does this exceptionally well: Jesus Christ, Silicon Valley.  

JC,SV is a well written and hilariously offensive reprieve from the non-stop, disrupt-the-world-and-get-rich-quick-while-pretending-to-not-take-yourself-too-seriously mantra that pervades the valley.  Cutting larger than life companies / entrepreneurs / investors down to size is what this blog does and it does it well. It seems the bully has finally arrived in the land where the nerds get the money and the girls.

To be fair the Valley and tech-scene is not all bad – despite all the BS and hype, it is an amazing hotbed of innovation and the world is better off for it.  So there.

*Postscript: (later that day…)

While the YouTube video embedded above is a scripted joke, the one below is not.  These guys recently raised $15M from Andreessen Horowitz.  The host’s hairdo is the icing on the cake.  It all just goes to show that the tech bubble spans well beyond Silicon Valley.  I hope JC,SV blogs about them.


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